What Exactly STAYS and What Exactly GOES

Having a definite knowledge of these topics will certainly help buyers and sellers avoid potential challenges through the negotiating phase and even after title is moved.


A fixture is an item of personal property which is so attached or connected to the property that it loses its character as personal property and results in being a part of the real estate. Wall-to-wall flooring, television antennas, ceiling fans, lighting fixtures and built-in equipment are viewed permanent fixtures, presumed to be included in the sale price.



Alternatively, the seller might wish to leave behind and attempt to sell particular components of personal property once they vacate, for instance custom-made drapes, washing machine, dryers, etc. If this is the situation, the sellers must ensure to advise their realtor of their intention. Generally, incorporating personal property to the seller’s offering will not add a substantial amount to value, but you will find exceptions.



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