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Congressional punt leaves tax breaks for loan mods in limbo

by:   December 20, 2013

mouse-trap-money   A law offering homeowners a tax break when a portion of their mortgage debt is forgiven through a loan modification, short sale or foreclosure is about to expire, leaving thousands of homeowners in limbo. The U.S. Senate failed to pass legislation designed to extend the Mortgage Debt Relief Act -- a [...] Read more...
Are we in a housing bubble? Not even close, experts say

by:   September 23, 2013

housingbubble1 Soft home prices equal a healthier market   Christina Mlynski September 23, 2013 12:01AM   While some borrowers might pull out of the housing market at the sight of the the slowdown in home prices, market experts are cautioning consumers not to slam on the housing brakes just yet. Home prices only [...] Read more...
States divert foreclosure prevention money to demolitions

by:   September 5, 2013

detroit demo house1        by Kate Davidson Marketplace for Tuesday, September 3, 2013 The Treasury Department has changed the rules on the Hardest Hit Fund, a program meant to help people hit by the housing crisis stay in their homes, allowing states to use some money from the $7.6 billion foreclosure prevention program to demolish [...] Read more...
5 Tips to Help You Save for a Down Payment

by:   August 29, 2013

Piggy-bank-house-cash-0d595f-300×199   Benjamin Feldman of So you can’t wait to buy a house. You’ve already scoped out the neighborhood where you want to live, and you’re starting to imagine yourself settling into a brand new home. But there’s one problem: You don’t have enough money for a down payment. But don’t [...] Read more...
Underwater homeowners become a smaller slice of the pie


UnderwaterMortgage   More than 1.96 million homeowners to be freed by next year Even as home values continue to recover, millions of homeowners remain so far underwater that it will take years for them to regain equity in their properties. However, the latest data from Zillow (Z) reveals that underwater borrowers are becoming a smaller and [...] Read more...

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Walk down a street wearing Google Glass, and you can see alerts about nearby houses on the market. The alerts are courtesy of Trulia, the real estate site, which this week introduced an app for Google Glass. It is one of only a handful of apps available for the Internet-connected glasses, and is an example […]

Why there’s a lack of homes for sale

By Rusty Weston | Spaces In many once-distressed housing markets, home sale prices are rising by double-digit percentages, and homes are selling much faster than in recent years, often with multiple offers. Mortgage rates are extremely cheap. But before we strike up the band, you guessed it, there’s a catch. There aren’t enough homes available […]


Borrowers who are still smarting from the mortgage crisis are passing up some real deals and missing out on real cash. By Becky Quick FORTUNE — American homeowners are in the midst of a hot and heavy love affair with low interest rates. But not every courtship has a happy ending. As the final days […]


New Homes Increase

david May 29, 2013


Joshua Steiner, Hedgeye FORTUNE — The chart above shows the ratio of new home sales to total sales historically back to 1999. Currently, new home sales are running at 7.8% of total sales. From 1999 to 2005, new home sales averaged a fairly consistent 16% of total sales. The low watermark was 5.5% in May […]

balloon dart

Rising home prices may be disguising an uncomfortable truth: homeowners are not recovering as fast as home prices. Fitch Ratings analysts suggest skyrocketing prices in key markets are doing more harm than good when analyzed next to other economic data. Consequently, recent home price gains could stall or even reverse the housing recovery, Fitch suggested. […]